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Thanks to a post office visit, Schuldig has regained full use of his telepathy. This means that not only can he read a character's mind, but he can actually tweak stuff in there. THIS INCLUDES OUTRIGHT MIND CONTROL.

Some notes about his mind control:

• Schuldig will never, ever take over a character's mind without specific player consent! That means that you can't just say "oh, he can mindjack my character whenever!" and then I'll assume carte blanche; I will ask you for permission each and every time it comes up. ♥ I'll probably check pretty much everything he does with it by you, too, unless you want to be surprised with where he might go with it or something.

• Schuldig can control a character's thoughts, their bodies, or both at once(obviously, this last takes the most effort/concentration on his part). You're more than welcome to specify which kinds you're okay with, and what you're okay with having him do! And yes, he is more vulnerable while controlling someone to third parties, although there aren't usually hugely overt signs that he's doing it.

• The mind control can be fought ICly, though it's definitely not easy. Those with particularly strong or stubborn minds, and/or psychic talents, will be able to put up more of a fight...but keep in mind that Schuldig is an exceptionally powerful telepath with years of brutal training to be good at what he does. Your character may be able to hinder his efforts, but bucking his influence completely will be near impossible until he's accomplished his goal/feels like letting your character go/runs out of energy to hold onto their minds any longer. (Canon example: Schuldig was able to force a girl to shoot the boy she was in love with, but she managed to pull the gun just enough to the side to keep the shot from being fatal.)

• Anyone or anything who is immune to Schuldig's telepathy is likewise immune to mind control. This means Lucy Smith/the Mayor/the Milkman/drones/those without human minds or thought processes/those with inhuman amounts of data or input in their minds that Schuldig can't cope with. See his first post on telepathy for further details on the exempt categories!

So you may be wondering what this post is for at all, if I'm going to ask players directly for permission to have Schuldig use this talent. It's actually more of a planning post! Obviously, Schuldig's mind control can be used for all kinds of fun CR shenanigans - mostly causing huge problems for people - and he doesn't need much excuse to mess with others. If you'd like to plot something mind control-related for Schuldig, this is the place to ask~ If you have a specific idea, awesome; if not, we can try to come up with one!
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Okay, so thanks to this most recent event, Schuldig is once again a telepath. This means that yes, he can read your mind!

There are some characters who will find themselves naturally exempt:

• Any animal, robot, or other blatantly non-human character. For instance, Mickey Mouse would be exempt from Schuldig's telepathy because he's an animal; Legolas, as an elf, would not be. If you're close enough to human to have a human-like brain and human-like thought processes, no matter what you are on paper, then you're probably not exempt.

• Any similarly psychic character can shut Schuldig out by choice. Note that this is something they have to actively choose to do rather than something that happens automatically, but it can be done with minimal effort whenever they want.

• If you tell me OOCly you want your character not to be mind-read, for whatever reason, I'll either call them exempt or just have Schuldig ICly not bother with them. ♥

• All drones, both native to Mayfield and characters who are being canon-updated/on hiatus/have been dropped, are essentially blank slates to Schuldig; he gets nothing from them.

• The Postman has been mod-confirmed to be unreadable, but also not the same as the drones; this likely goes for the Milkman, the Mayor, and Lucy Smith as well. (But even if it doesn't, Schuldig can't read their minds regardless.)

Also, there are some characters who fall into a special category:

• Characters with extreme amounts of knowledge, power, or who receive vast amounts of input or the like - think godlike beings, certain psychics, and the like - would have minds too complex and branching for Schuldig to do much more than barely skim the surface. (And, in many cases, would probably also fall under some of the naturally exempt categories anyway.) Those are treacherous waters and even if he can read your mind, he probably won't in these instances. (Recalling an example from before, you could make an argument that Legolas has lived enough lifetimes of men to be nearly inaccessible to Schuldig mentally. Being an elf may not protect him, but being incredibly old and wise because he's an elf might!)

That said, I'd appreciate it if anyone with naturally exempt or special category characters would make a note here so I know who would appear to Schuldig as a mental blank slate/off-limits! Also, if you would rather not have your character be a target of mind-reading - or if there's something you specifically want Schuldig not to do with his powers, even if you don't want your character counted out entirely - make a note here, too. ♥

For those who are fine with their characters having their minds read: All you have to do is make a note of what their thoughts are in posts with Schuldig, and those are what he'll have access to. Also, I'm always available for discussing things over AIM on FyreflyzBlaze under any circumstances!

EDIT: Also, be aware that Schuldig has further telepathic abilities detailed here!
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[Well, after being abducted, killed, and buried, Schuldig is unexpectedly - although is it really unexpected, in Mayfield? - back. Though he's looking a little...different. He's prowling around Mayfield in an outfit that would be called eccentric even by his standards, looking for a few specific people. Ema and Edward are at the top of the list, but if he sees Ken, the Major, or Black Mage around...of course, he may also run into other people on the streets, but it may take a bit of effort to redirect his attention to you when he has pressing business elsewhere.

He keeps obscuring his face with the cape that seems to have come with his new fashion statement, if only because he's decided it looks slightly less idiotic than the arms-out zombie shuffle. Whatever he is - and he's not thinking about that too hard right now, because he's somewhat hazily unsure on that point - he's no shambling, witless flesh-eater, and he refuses to act like one.]

[OOC NOTE: Schuldig will probably be using his telepathy - in particular his mind control abilities - to full effect in this post! Very much along the lines of a charming vampire hypnotizing scantily clad women. :D Please check out his permission posts here and here if you haven't already, and if you definitely do/don't want him to mind control your character into a bridal-style abduction(and he will do this to both men AND women; he's very equal opportunity that way), let me know!]
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[Ema may have noticed a few days ago that, on top of the money she simply hands over to Schuldig as part of their living arrangements - which is theoretically an improvement over him simply stealing it from her - some of her own money has gone missing. For some reason, it seems, Schuldig has either recently gone over what she budgets him or he's just missed rifling through her purse. But, regardless of the reason, the fact is that Schuldig seems to have stolen from her again, without a word of explanation.

At least until this morning. Ema will be telepathically roused by Schuldig's voice. Which is also unusual, because Schuldig is both lazy and keeps highly irregular hours, and rarely drags himself out of bed before she's made coffee.]

Come to the kitchen.

[The truth is that Schuldig is feeling...awkward. Which is exceedingly unusual, but so is what he's doing. This sort of thing was never necessary with Schwarz, who are the only people that he'd ever have considered doing this for prior to this. But he's determined to do it, so he figures he might as well get it over with as quickly as possible.]

Stage 1

Jul. 17th, 2011 01:08 am
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[Schuldig is currently sitting in - yes, in - his most recent regain, something entirely unlooked for but thoroughly welcome. He hadn't actually tried to recreate the Space Room since he'd come to Mayfield, but apparently he wouldn't have been able to until today even if he had. Of course, the effects of the Space Room are entirely a telepathic construct of his own design, one he's able to recreate now in his house in Mayfield as easily as he'd been able to in their headquarters in Tokyo. It just involves a little mental tweaking of perception...well, that and a telepathic connection to anyone else he wanted to share the projection with.

And, as it did in Tokyo, the Space Room serves a dual purpose - part vanity, in providing a setting as stunning and dramatic as he feels he deserves, and part practicality. Even if the swirling stars and galaxies didn't induce an almost meditative effect, it brings a sense of comforting familiarity even to one of the rooms of this domestic hellhole he's trapped in. He could almost believe he was back in Japan.

It also helps him feel cut off from the rest of the world, which is exactly what he wants right now. He's aware of the confessions and the truth-telling compulsions going on right now, and he's not particularly pleased. For one thing, he likes knowing everyone's secrets as a telepath, but if everyone gives those secrets away, what fun is it for him? And, of course, he wants nothing to do with any confessions himself.

...that may explain why the house phone has been ripped from the wall and is lying out in the yard. He's taking no chances. Anyone who wants to talk to him - an understandably small number of people - is going to have to come to him.

Or they could catch him when he's prowling around Mayfield later in the day. That could work, too.]
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[Schuldig has been at ease with the idea of casual murder for years, of course. Oh, he's done it himself, on occasion, though it's so much more elegant to go through other people - goading them to it, enticing them into it, subtly guiding them into doing exactly what Schwarz wants done. It has the added benefit of giving him the time to be lazy, and the luxury of watching the repercussions unfold from a comfortable distance. And given the moods he's been in recently, it's almost amusing that Mayfield thought he needed an excuse, much less incentive.

Of course, the shapes the incentives have taken prevent it from being even remotely funny. His clothes, his weapons, his telepathy, all gone...and pictures of the rest of Schwarz, back in Japan. The subtle threat of the pictures barely even registers; rather, it infuriates him because there is Schwarz, minding their own business back in their own world, while he's stuck here. It's hard to say if he's angrier with Mayfield or with Schwarz themselves.

Shizuo, you seem like as good a victim as any to take his rage out on.

A quick trip to the gun store - with Ema's money - at least gets him armed again; it's probably good to have a backup like this anyway, for situations very much like this one. From there, it's off to find Shizuo. He doesn't have his telepathy anymore, which would be infinitely useful in tracking down his target, but after having had it for months, constantly tuned to the mental background noise of Mayfield, he has a vague idea of where in the neighborhood to look...and from there, it's as simple as asking drones for directions.

1124 Taylor Road soon has an angry redhead bearing down on it like a ballistic missile on legs.]
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[Filtered to the Legion of Doom, Edward Nigma, and pretty much everyone he's contacted in regards to this post]

I think our friend Nigma has, once again, neglected to consider the finer points of telepathy...as, perhaps, all of you may have. Namely, if he's asking you all for ways to defeat a telepath, then he doesn't have any now. So he's blithely led me to being aware of each and every one of you.

I know who you are. I know everything you've cared to pass on to Edward Nigma. For your own sakes, I'd suggest questioning the risks you're taking, aligning yourselves with a self-proclaimed genius who can't even wrap his mind around the basics of mind-reading. Look how badly he's stumbled right out of the gate, exposing every one of his allies. Is this really the horse you want to bet on? Because, if he suddenly becomes more well-equipped or more competent than he is now...

I'll know who to blame.

[OOC: All information Schuldig is working on is courtesy of Edward - with permission - and whether it goes further than that is up to you. :3 ]
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And how the cracks begin to show )


[Schuldig is prowling the house, in a volatile mood and probably armed. Ema, Akira, if you dare...]


[Schuldig is walking the streets, scanning his fellow Mayfield residents both visually and telepathically. Whether he's looking for a conversational partner or a victim is difficult to say, but he'd probably be happy with either. And there's no saying whether he won't just combine the two, judging from the look of him.]


[Mayfield does offer Schuldig one small consideration. In the mail today, he receives a small box...in which lies a familiar car key. He stares at it for a long moment before ducking outside, to find his beautiful red sports car in the driveway. Anyone can feel free to approach him while he's staring at it - compliments to his car are one of the few ways in which someone could get on his good side right now - or spot him while he's driving it through Mayfield later. But eventually he'll be taking it speeding down the highway, the pedal all the way to the floor...and he'll be driving it back and forth down the highway pretty much until he runs out of gas.

He is not in a good place right now.]

[OOC note: Please make sure you've responded to Schuldig's permissions posts(forward dated at the top of his journal)! Also, he's a very dangerous man in a very dangerous mood, so be aware of that if you want to toss your characters at him. :|a ]
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[After the church bombing - which obviously didn't end well for him, despite whatever satisfaction he managed to take in the havoc he wrought on his way out - Schuldig has been lying low. There was a horrible time, following his return to life the day afterward where he'd remained deaf and alone, with no telepathy. That death hadn't restored him to normal had been terrifying, unthinkable - there'd been no way of knowing how long he'd be stuck that way, and it was bad enough when he thought it was merely temporary.

As it happened, it only lasted the better part of a day, but even that was enough to reduce him to a state somewhere between shock and depression. Since then...he hasn't exactly been recovering so much as simply keeping to himself. Even Ema's been left alone, though she probably hasn't been home enough to properly appreciate this. His telepathy and hearing are back, but as badly unsettled as he's been, and with his voice still gone, Schuldig hasn't felt like socializing - even by his twisted standards of being social.

But today, there are packages. His last 'present' didn't come in a box, so he doesn't hesitate much in opening them. The first box is long and flat, the sort that clothing comes in, and he's not disappointed in this; inside is his white suit, the one Esset had him wear to formal occasions. He's pretty sure it was a way of subtly mocking Schwarz, but they'd had to put up with it...in the past, anyway. That thought is enough to evoke a smile all on its own.

The second box is small, and the contents inside are bloody; actually, Schuldig can't even tell exactly what the contents are. It looks fleshy, almost pulsing, like something someone reached into someone and freshly ripped out -

And then the realization dawns. In almost the same moment, the contents of the package vanish, and he feels something change in his throat...and then he begins to laugh. Loud and long.

It isn't long before he's on the phones; his presents have perked him up significantly, leaving him feeling much more like his old self.]

It seems like I'm finally back~. So who missed me?
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[After his chat with Nagi, Schuldig - with aforementioned teammate in tow - is making his way to the church. Given that it's Christmas, it's probably packed with drones! Who knows what other people might be there, too...

Schuldig has no way of knowing when the bomb that's been put in his stomach will go off, so he'll be spending most of the day in the church with Nagi, simply waiting. (And almost being glad he's deaf, so he doesn't have to listen to the services in the meantime.) Fortunately for everyone, since it's a 12-hour timer, it won't go off until evening, when some of the Christmas Day crush has slackened off. If anyone wants to talk to him or Nagi before that, feel free!...even if Schuldig's talking is constrained to a notepad brought from Nagi's house. The gentle ticking probably can't be heard over the background noise of the church, it should be noted.

Of course, somewhere between eight and nine o'clock at night...the inevitable will happen. There will be a considerable explosion from inside that blows all the windows out of the church at the very least - there will be structural damage, too, mostly inside, but of course that will be fixed by tomorrow - and many of the people inside will be dead or wounded! As for Schuldig and Nagi at ground zero, they've been completely obliterated. It's pretty grisly!

And thus is Farfarello remembered on Christmas - through wrecking a church and two of his teammates opting to die in a gruesome gesture. He'd probably appreciate it.]

[OOC: Obviously, Schuldig and Nagi won't be around to interact with people after the explosion, but if you'd like to post your character's reaction here and/or interact with other characters doing likewise, go ahead!]
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[It wasn't as though Schuldig expected anything good for Christmas. For one, it's Mayfield; anyone with the barest flicker of intelligence (which would be to say, Ken) could recognize the town's pattern for making life miserable. For another, even if the real Santa had come to visit the town, 'naughty' isn't even near a strong enough word for him. And, finally, he's had years of miserable Christmases, often where the holiday went completely unacknowledged because he was in places that couldn't care less about holidays; experience alone has taught him not to expect differently.

But Mayfield deserves credit where credit is due - this is, without a doubt, the most horrible Christmas in his entire life.

Even before he'd reached the end of his Christmas letter, he'd known he was in trouble. But he hadn't realized just how badly until he reached the last word, and all sound stopped.

All sound.

His ears echo with the silence; telepathically, his mind rings with the emptiness. Every connection he has to the rest of the world has been severed, so abruptly that he has no chance to adjust, no chance to anticipate or cope. It was bad enough when he was restricted to hearing with just his ears when he first arrived in Mayfield, but now he is utterly, completely alone with himself.

And when he tries to scream, he can't make a sound; not that he could hear it either way. He exchanged his voice for the telepathy that's now been ripped away from him.

He can't actually hear the bomb that's ticking away in his stomach, but in his current state, he'd actually consider death a relief. Others may be able to pick up on it, of course...

Housemates can find a shell-shocked Schuldig downstairs by his letter; otherwise, he'll probably be making his way to Nagi's house. Obviously, he's got no other way to communicate with his teammate now. Anyone trying to talk to him will have a very hard time communicating, since he can't hear you and he can't talk back, but you're welcome to try...also, he has his gun in his hand. Surprising him might not be the wisest course.]
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[Well, this is the second time that Schuldig's been making his unsteady, bloody way back from the post office. And, just like the first time, it's Nagi who's come to help him...though this time Nagi was wise enough to accompany Schuldig in the first place.

Of course, last time, Schuldig had been bleeding from an empty eye socket; this time, blood is pouring from over his hands from the gaping hole in his throat he's trying ineffectually to cover, and he's coughing and spitting blood. What walking he's doing is largely propelled by Nagi. He's clearly in need of immediate medical attention or healing...either that, or last rites.

Despite that, he seems to be shaking with insane, voiceless laughter. It's partly his current state of complete mental imbalance, but shock is playing an even more major role.]

[OOC Note: Both Schuldig and Nagi will be replying to any posts; the posting order will be You -> Schuldig -> Nagi. ♥ Note that, until/unless Schuldig's throat is dealt with, threads will be very short. Also, all conversation from Schuldig's end will either be telepathic in nature or will come through Nagi.]
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[Well, someone's just found out that Crawford has gone home. Given that he's been a little unstable ever since he was hit by the time bazooka, he's taking this even more wonderfully than he would normally.]

[Unfiltered, because Schuldig is all out of fucks to give]

He's gone. [This cryptic announcement is followed by the least sane laughter you've ever heard; it's positively manic.] So who sent him packing? Was it you, little girl? Or maybe the mayor? Mayfield's finest? Well, it doesn't matter now...but it's the worst idea you ever had.

He held me back. And now you're trapped in here with me running Schwarz, Mayfield. He would have dismantled you so he could use the parts, but I will burn you to the ground.
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[Well, Schuldig got himself a turkey! Which...he really couldn't care less about, compared to the fact that he's been locked in his house all day. But he needs to move it in order to get back to his occasional and fruitless efforts to force the door open.

And it is in the process of doing so that he discovers the bird is full of fucking spiders. One of which, in the process of pursuing Schuldig, knocks the phone off the hook. Yes, they're that large. :| ]

[Over the phone, unfiltered]

[There are words being said by Schuldig, but it's all cursing furiously in German. More interesting are the ambient noises - which include the sharp reports of gunshots, at varying distances from the abandoned receiver, and in between the horrible low chittering of countless spiders.

Unsurprisingly, it's the gunshots that stop first. If anything else follows, then it's too far away from the phone to be heard.]
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[It's been an interesting few days, hasn't it, Mayfield? Sexy nurses, vampires, zombies, werewolves, inexplicable children running around. As it happens, Schuldig was involved with both the first and the last events on that list...though the former has been almost completely forgotten in favor of the latter.

No matter what people may think - what Schuldig may want them to think, deliberately lead them to think - some things can even get to him. And today, he's lying flat on his back on a bench in the park, slowly smoking his way through an entire pack of cigarettes.

He doesn't usually smoke. It's a habit he only indulges in when something is bothering him and he needs something to do to distract his hands and his mouth and his mind. Anyone who might want to approach him about encounters with a certain redhead boy, or even about encounters with a full-grown telepath in a sexy nurse outfit - this is where you'll find him.]
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[You know who has no respect for personal property? Or, apparently, bazookas? This guy. He literally tried to just grab the thing off of Lambo, because there is no possible way wrenching a bazooka out of someone's hands could end in anything other than candy and rainbows. Or whatever would be the evil equivalent as far as Schuldig is concerned - probably tears and kicked puppies.

It's been mentioned before that Schuldig has no inkling of common sense, and this should be an excellent reminder to everyone how crippling of a disability that is.

What actually happened was that the bazooka got dropped onto hard concrete and went off more or less in the telepath's face. And instead of being blown into the bloody, quarter-sized pieces he probably deserved, he got rocketed back into the past, while his twelve-year-old self has been jerked forward in time and dumped into Mayfield.

The upshot of this is that a small, skinny boy with scruffy orange hair is prowling around Mayfield. He's dressed in worn, nondescript grey clothing and looks kind of malnourished; there are many methods of discipline in Rosenkrüs, and denial of food is actually one of the pleasanter ones. Unlike others in this same situation, he seems less confused than wary and suspicious...but those who expect Schuldig's usual personality in a smaller package will be significantly surprised if they approach him. He's fairly easy to recognize with that hair, in any case.]

[OOC: I wish I had more icons for him as a kid, but this is pretty much the only one that even looks remotely close. :| You may see a lot of it.]
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[I'm sorry, Mayfield - did you think you had enough problems as things stood? Did you think the town had made you suffer every possible cruelty already?

Well, not yet! Because today you may go blind.

What this means is that Schuldig got a clothing box with the mail today, which contained his absolutely ridiculous canon outfit. This assault on anything resembling fashion coordination will be strolling down the streets of Mayfield, looking exceedingly pleased with himself and not at all as embarrassed as he ought to be.

He will be visiting several places today:

A) 1248 Williams Road. He has a gun to pick up from Crawford.

B) 310 Miller Street. He's on a completely foreign errand here; he's actually got an apology to make. Farfarello, you may want to mark this day on a calendar.

C) 747 Partridge Drive. Don't worry, Ken, he's there to talk to Nagi~

D) Any house that has one of the people on his list. He's being industrious today! It must be the clothes.

Anyone can run into him while he's walking around town, of course~ The particularly fashion-conscious may want to shoot to kill.]

[OOC: If your name popped up in this post, or you had an argument for why Schuldig might seek you out on his own, please post here! ♥ Trying to tag everyone on the list in separate posts would be way too much of an undertaking, so I'm trying to gather them all here under one post.

IMPORTANT EDIT: Also, if you're going to reply to this, please make sure you've posted to Schuldig's permission post!]
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